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Maintenance You Should Be Doing for Your Plumbing

We here at Your Plumber West Jordan strive to help every customers’ plumbing system work the very best that it can. We know, though, that no one wants to have a plumbing emergency. This post is full of things that homeowners can do regularly to help extend...

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Where did Toilets Come From?

Most, if not all of our homes in West Jordan have at least one toilet. It is something many of us consider a vital part of our home. For an invention we use several times a day, it seems strange that we know so little of where it comes from. To be fair,...

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Weird Things That Should Not Have Been Flushed

Many people here in West Jordan, if asked, would probably agree that a toilet is a very important part of their home. Although not impossible to live without, it is a very nice commodity to have. Sometimes, though, we take our porcelain thrones for granted. Sometimes...

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