Many people here in West Jordan, if asked, would probably agree that a toilet is a very important part of their home. Although not impossible to live without, it is a very nice commodity to have. Sometimes, though, we take our porcelain thrones for granted. Sometimes we think of them simply as a non-smelly gateway to the sewers. Our toilets are usually good about putting up with the abuse, but sometimes they clog up with the strange things that fill their systems. Sometimes we drop things we did not mean to flush at all and have to pay to have them retrieved. Have you lost important items down the drain before? Fret not, for you are not alone! Here are some funny, some sad, and many strange things that people have become complications in our typical sewer gateway.

Many times something gets flushed that we just don’t mean to flush. From jewellry to phones, sometimes these things can be returned to us and sometimes we lose them.

We must admit, the saddest category of things flushed down the toilet we ran acrossed was the animal category. Some, like a squirrel somehow found its own way into the toilet system. There was also a case of a little boy trying to give his puppy a bath in the toilet and accidentally flushing it! Luckily this story had a happy ending, as the police were able to locate and return the pup to his owner.

Another common category we came across was jewelry. Rings, bracelets, and many of our precious keepsakes have found their way into the bowels of our toiles – and usually by accident. For example, a lady at an airport had the clasp of her $10,000 charm bracelet come loose, and when she moved to get the bracelet back the automatically flushing toilet flushed her precious bracelet down to the depths. Luckily for the woman, however, the bracelet got stuck inside the pipe in the wall. After removing the toilet from the wall the plumber was able to quickly retrieve the bracelet. He even rinsed it off and bagged it for her! The bracelet was a relatively easy retrieval, especially compared to the $70,000 diamond wedding ring a woman in an arizona diner flushed down the toilet. The plumber had to do a video inspection of the pipes under the diner, and then had to use a jackhammer to reach and remove several pipes in order to retrieve the wedding ring. The whole process took eight hours!

An Explosive Discovery
Thankfully this category isn’t one we are likely to find here in West Jordan. A live civil war cannon shell was found in the toilet pipes in Vicksburg, Massachusetts. Thankfully no one was hurt in the retrieval of the shell.

Yes, people have flushed some of their replacement parts. Granted we haven’t heard of prosthetic hands or legs being flushed (though it probably has happened somewhere), but there have been instances where people flushed other items. For example: false teeth. Now it’s true that a set of false teeth can be expensive, but the gentleman who lost the pair of choppers in question wanted them retrieved not just to fix the stopped up plumbing. He was reportedly anxious to get them back, cleaned up, and popped back into his mouth!

Slightly less gross, a plumber who was called to fix a stopped up toilet in a nightclub found himself retrieving a bright red wig! The nightclub it came from had performers who used wigs, so he set it out to dry, and then returned the wig to the nightclub. About a week later at the same nightclub a performer was seen wearing the exact wig. Although we are unsure if the person wearing the wig was aware of the trip it took before being placed on their head.

It is shockingly easy to remember we have that Ipod or cellphone in our back pocket, or even have a slight butterfinger moment while holding an electronic gadget. Sometimes, though, there are a few slightly more bizarre electronic flushings. A plumber was called in to a womans restroom for a clogged toilet. To his shock he pulled out a brand new Iphone 5S, in all the packaging and wrapping! He said it was probably still usable due to the sealed plastic wrap, but didn’t try it out due to his companys’ policy. He just rinsed it off and put it in Lost & Found.

The Kings of Flushing Strange Things
Unlike most of us, however, there is a toilet making company who actually made a video of them flushing things down the toilet that just should not be flushed. The point being, of course, that they produce a superior toilet. We ask that you not try this at home, or at least if you do please call your plumber West Jordan to remove the clog. The man in the video, supposedly the owner of the company, flushed the following in groups:
three cellphones, two packs of (unused) cigarettes, twenty golf balls, three pounds of water toys, five hot dogs, banana peels from two whole bananas, three sliders (mini sandwiches), a pound of fresh orange peels, two pounds of cat litter and cat poop, and fifty-six chicken nuggets.